New Release – Facilitated Interrogation

In accordance with my plan to release a new title every month, on Monday, 15 May, I released a novelette called Facilitated Interrogation.

Doctor Luisa Melendez works for the FBI, specializing in a revolutionary facilitated interrogation technique that renders a suspect unable to tell a lie, without causing injury or trauma of any kind. Though initially controversial, the technique passed every test and has now become completely mainstream.

She never dreamed the technique might be used for nefarious ends. But after her colleague disappears, evidence of a high-order conspiracy to conceal the truth about facilitated interrogation puts her square in the path of danger, as she struggles to decide what to do next.

Facilitated Interrogation is a 10,000 word science fiction novelette, about 30 printed pages in length.

You can find it pretty much everywhere for $2.99.  Alternately, if you support me on Patreon or become part of my Advanced Reviewer Program (via my newsletter), you can get a copy for free.

Enjoy, amigos!  Until next time.

2013 Writing Goal – Week 13

The picture speaks for itself:

Week 13

Didn’t meet the goal.  But that’s ok; I had lots of family fun instead.

Oh, and I published a short story, under my mystery pen name.

Across The Line Cover

Across the Line is a 4,300 word short story about a hostage negotiator who finds out that his son is mixed up in his latest case.  I rather like it, so all y’all need to check it out asap.


That’s all for this post.  Off to write, so I can make the goal this week.



Another One Down

Just felt the need to crow.

I finished another story today: another mystery/crime tale, called Bag Man.  I started it back in March, but only got about 1,000 words down before I left for the Workshop.  I originally called it The Watery Tart, because I started it by playing off of Monty Python And The Holy Grail, with one of the characters complaining, “I can’t believe that watery tart threw a scimitar at me!”  But after that start, what I thought was going to be a farcical fantasy story turned into a gritty modern-day crime story.  So I had to edit the beginning a little bit.  Changed that first dialogue line completely, because I really want to use the watery tart bit in a story that suits it some day.

Bag Man came in at just over 5,600 words.

I was pretty happy to finish another crime/mystery story, because I want to get The Billionaire’s Daughter up for public consumption and I’d rather do it as a $2.99 double than as a $1.99 single.  So Bag Man allows me to do this.


I think it’s a darn good, and fun, story.  So I decided to try it at Ellery Queen first.  Pushed submit just a few minutes ago.  Which means I have a choice.  Either:

  1. Publish The Billionaire’s Daughter now as a $1.99 single and change it to a double after Ellery Queen’s done with Bag Man (assuming it’s rejected).   -or-
  2. Wait to publish them both once EQ has made their determination.

There’s no real rush, so I’m inclined to go with #2.  Except that I already have a cover concept (a good one too, I think) done for The Billionaire’s Daughter.  And I like the story a lot.  And, well, I’m impatient.

On the flip side, since mystery/crime is a departure from the SF/F Michael Kingswood theme, I’m using a new pen name for these stories: Alex Mariner.  More titles = better for a pen name, so waiting to start him off with two might not be a bad plan.

Ah hell, I dunno.

EQ only took 10 days or so to process The Billionaire’s Daughter, even though they advertise up to three months.  If they can be that quick with Bag Man, it’s a no brainer to wait.  So I guess I’ll wait and see.

UPDATE – I looked at the Dreamstine terms of use again, and putting up that test cover with their watermarked images was a no-no.  So I’ve taken it down.


Well that’s about it for now.  Cheers!