Story Time With Michael Kingswood

I decided to try something new tonight, in between the final proofreading for The Falconer’s Stairs and doing various family things.

I made a YouTube video.

For a while now, I’ve pondered doing a video series called “Story Time With Michael Kingswood,” where I’ll read my short stories, blurbs for my longer stuff, and maybe entire novels a chapter at a time or something like that.  It seems like it could be fun, and a way to maybe get a bit more visibility for my work.  Also, my kids have bugged me for months, “Daddy, why don’t you make YouTube videos?!?!”  Now, they aren’t thinking it would be great promotion for Daddy’s books or anything.  They just like YouTube and, amusingly enough, me.

But hey, they have a  point.

So tonight I, on a sort of whim, hunkered down and cranked out a video.

Now, as you view this bear in mind I’ve never tried to make one of these before, ever.  And I’ve not really done much reading of my stuff in public either.  So given that, I think this turned out ok.

I’m curious to know what you guys think of it.  I’m fairly inclined to keep doing these, because it actually was a fair amount of fun to do.  And I’ll incorporate them into my Patreon rewards.  But I guess we’ll see what really happens now that I’ll be starting my new job next week, and after the novelty of video making starts to wear off.

For now, at least, it was pretty fun.  And I think it turned out ok.

What do you guys think?