2013 Writing Goal – Week 5 Update

So it’s Week 5 of 2013.

Yeah…I’ve got nothing.

No really.  Nothing.  Didn’t write this week.


But then, I didn’t really plan to.  We had a big exercise at work that put me on long days.  And then my wife’s 85 year old grandmother took a turn for the worse so we decided to fly her east so she could spend time with Gram during her last days.  Fortunately, my Mom had already flown into town for a visit, so she was on hand to help with the kids.  But she leaves in a couple days, so I’ll be taking some time off work until the Better Half gets back.

All that added up to a busy week, one that I did not anticipate providing much time to write.  And I was correct.


But that’s ok.  This week, now that the exercise is over, I’m getting back into my routine, and I’ll crush my weekly goal.


Right, off to get started.  🙂