Lately I’ve noticed something.  Maybe some of y’all out there can relate to it.

The interwebs are FREAKING BORING!


I suppose this partially harkens back to the phenomenon I talked about a couple posts ago, but it’s more than that.  I go to writer blogs and those that are still active are basically saying the same old things, or merely rehashing their (largely inane) take on the latest bit of stupidity that has the ever-searching-for-drama-because-we-can’t-just-be-happy-and-content-with-ourselves-if-we’re-not-frothing-at-the-mouth-about-something writing community in an uproar.  Then I roll to the Kindleboards, and I have to stop myself from throwing up in my mouth.  Talk about repetitive and inane!  I cannot believe I still go there.  But I do sometimes, and I can’t resist throwing a few wise-ass comments around, partially because I really cannot believe the things some of those people say and partially because I just love throwing a grenade into a room and watching what happens.  But that’s getting old too, on there.

And then I occasionally go to some of the old political blogs I used to frequent…and I fall asleep over the stupidity of fighting between two parties that are essentially the same except for their names and outward packaging.  I almost can’t get pissed off when my preferred of the two get castigated anymore.  Almost.  But even when I manage it, that pissed-offedness is but a shadowy reflection of its former self.  Of course, about a year…no just under two years…ago, I decided to stop it with the political blogs and talk shows.  They just made me too mad, and worse impotently mad.  And I would rather enjoy life, thank you.  But still…

Then I go on Twitter, and it’s just a bunch of dumb-ass writers who want me to read their books that I have no interest in.


It’s not like I don’t get a charge out of things anymore.  I still love sports (Go Redskins!).  I still get fired up about the latest developments in science.  And when I read about true injustice (not the invented, false tripe that we see talked about in political circles.  I’m talking about actual affronts to justice.  Of course, many times those affronts caused by the promulgators of that tripe – normally against the very people those political douchebags claim to be trying to help.  But I digress), I still get angry.

But the rest…

Some days, when I find myself surfing and looking for an excuse not to write or do something productive (“I’m as human as the next man.” – Henry Jones to Henry Jones Junior, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), I literally cannot find anything that’s remotely interesting to divert myself with.

You might think this is a great thing because then I’d just get to writing more.  *snort*  If only…

But seriously, has anyone else noticed the completely lack of anything that rises above the braindead, the repetitive, or the hopelessly inane out there in internet-land?

Maybe it’s just me, and I’ve learned enough that my BS meter pegs very easily.  Anyone else?


Oh well.  Whatever.  Back to writing.

So I’m 9,500 words into a short story that I thought would last 5k, maybe 6k total.  Now that I’m well into novelette range, I have no idea how much farther it’s going to go.  And I’ve got another story that’s sitting at about 6k, and was supposed to be 6k total, but it’s nowhere near done either.


And then there’s Pericles.  It’s been at 60k words for a few months, but I’ve not touched it while I’ve worked on other things, or moved, or had a kid, or…  You get the picture.  That sumbitch is going to be a good 100k or so before it’s done, looks like.  Which will make it the longest story I’ve written to date.

I just need to sit down and finish the damn thing.  Before NaNoWriMo.

On the bright side, those two unfinished short stories will cover my 4th quarter 2012 and 1st quarter 2013 submissions to Writers of the Future, so there will be nothing else (writing wise) to distract me from Pericles.

Now to just finish the cussed things…

Ok, really getting back to it now.  I’ve almost got my 1,000 words for the day (which is the minimum acceptable…not like I’ve lived up to that this summer, but that’s neither here nor there).


Another one joins the brood

Big event last night. The better half gave birth to our fourth (and last) child at 2317 Pacific time. 🙂

Kiran Tanuki is a pretty big boy – 8lbs 5.4oz, 21 inches long. His first name is Sanskrit, meaning “ray of light”. Second name is Japanese. Tanuki is a magical shape-shifting trickster from Japanese lore, and a real creature in Japan. As you may have guessed, we don’t go for everyday names. 🙂

So looks like I’m going to have to write and publish more – all these kids are going to be expensive! But that’s ok. We’re pretty happy to have Kiran along for the ride. It promises to be a fun one. 🙂


It’s a Ghost Town out there…

It’s funny how things change.

This time last year, I followed a bunch of Indie writers who were blogging all the time, about what they were writing, how they were doing, how awesome or scary or whatever the new world of publishing is, whatever.  Now?  Now I don’t spend as much time reading blogs.  Or writing them, for that matter.  Just looking at the monthly archives of my blog here will show that.  🙂

But neither do many of those other writers I used to follow.  A lot of them have gone silent on the blogosphere.  Of those who’ve gone silent, I know a bunch who simply are so busy writing and publishing that they’ve just said “screw it”, especially since it’s clear that blogging or “having a platform” is of far less importance than writing good stories…and a lot of them.  That said, it appears a bunch of them aren’t producing many stories anymore either.  I know of a couple who I know for certain have barely been writing at all, and a few more who have basically quit.

I hesitate to say that’s sad, because in the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t matter if one writer or another decides not to write anymore in favor of something else.  Who knows?  Maybe those who have quit found something they like to do more?  Or life decided they had to prioritize something else they find more important for a while.  Far be it from me to question that.

But I remember Dean, and others, talking about how things would go a while back.  If I recall correctly, he predicted a lot of writers would try the Indie bit (well, he didn’t really…he predicted 95% of writers would never even try it) and give up when, after a short while, they didn’t quickly make it big.  Or they discovered it takes just as much work as the traditional route.  Or whatever.  Which I guess is what happens in the traditional world, too.

And if that is what’s happened, then I’m sad.  Because one should not give up on a goal or a dream just because it’s slow to come, or it’s hard.

I guess we’ll see how this all pans out.  But in the meantime, when I’m in the mood to waste time on the internet, I find there are a lot fewer blogs to waste time on these days, at least among the crowd I used to follow.  And that is rather distressing.