Masters of the Proof Copy

It arrived yesterday – the proof copy of Masters of the Sun.  Check it out!


I will say it was pretty cool opening up the box from Createspace and pulling the book out.  My wife in particular was bouncing up and down over it.  She insisted on taking a picture of me with it and posting it on Facebook.  Suddenly all sorts of people are congratulating me.  One said, “NOW it’s official”.  As though somehow I hadn’t really written it until now.  And for many, I suppose I hadn’t – lots of people still only read in print, after all.  Few are as geeky as I am.  🙂

I found a few things to correct in the proof copy.  I went ahead and uploaded the revised files.  They’re under review now.  Once that’s done I’ll go ahead and order another proof, which I expect will be most satisfactory.  Then I’ll make the book live, probably in a week or so.

Then I’ll officially be a “real” author, I guess.  😛