Speaking of Crappy Covers…

Possibly the absolute worst cover I’ve made to date is the one I put together for my short story collection, A Jar Of Mixed Treats.

Pretty horrid, right?  I thought I was being real clever.  The five stories in the collection are from different genres, but as was pointed out in its review, they’re fun, almost like treats themselves.  🙂  So I decided on that title and took a picture of the candy jar in my kitchen, with a bunch of different candies inside.  Looking back on it now, and after considering what the reviewer said about the cover in her review, I fully realized what I’d always known: the cover just sucks.

So tonight I decided to change it.  I had a much better idea, to use the cover art from the five stories on the cover of the collection.  So I spent a little time putting together the new cover and voila!

This is a vast improvement, I think.

The links to purchase this fine reading experience are to the right, a bargain at just $2.99.

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    1. I use GIMP. The price is right. 🙂 That said it’s been an uphill battle learning to use its features. I’m getting there, slowly but surely, but it’s not always the most intuitive interface.

  1. MUCH better. The ‘treats’ contrasts so well against the thriller/horror pictures. I’d definitely pick this up instead of the other one.

    GIMP was horrible to work with. I use PAINT.NET. Also free, but easier to use. Maybe you can’t do as much on it, but at least it can do something.

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