October Results

I got so caught up in writing this month that I forgot to tell y’all how things went in October.  To the graphs!

Total sales in October – 19.  All but one from Amazon.  That’s an increase of 1 from September.  Aw yeah.

You’ll notice that September is different.  That’s because Smashwords updated their distributors’ sales, and some nice person in Canada bought a copy of How NOT To Rescue A Damsel In Distress from Kobo that month.  Pretty nice.  🙂

Next up, royalties:

Royalties were up to: $42.77 for the month, up from $36.04 for September.  Again, pretty good.

Not too shabby overall, eh?  Alas November has, so far, been sparse in the sales department.  But that’s ok.  There’s no hurry.

Ok, back to writing, NaNoWriMo style.  I’m pretty far behind still, and I need to catch up.  Later!