Masters Cover – Round 2

Jeroen took my feedback from the first attempt and produced a modified cover:

As you can see, he replaced the Eye of Sauron with two eyes, those of the big bad guy in the book, who’s associated with the sun in a couple ways, and who wields a new form of magic.  He also removed the stetson from the guy on the horse, so he doesn’t look so much like a cowboy.  The character, Jack, isn’t a cowboy at all, though he does ride horses and get into gunfights, so that was a bit misleading.

I like version a lot better.

So, all you out there in internet-land….thoughts?

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  1. I like the concept of eyes, however, not these eyes. And, so the eyes show up red, the balance of the cover needs to be a different color. Your idea of red eyes peeking out of a crowl, I liked better than these eyes. And, the horse and rider still looks like a cowboy. The main character is on a quest, with another man, also. He is not alone. And, what I see here does not give me a reason to pick-up and read this book.

    For me, the setting was most interesting, and pulled me into the story. The ruined towns and highways, they were things I have seen and lived upon. How did they get destroyed? How did this happen? Does a threat remain? These are grabbing questions. Showing some of this on the cover would have pulled me into the book so I could find out what happened. Yet another Evil man and a horse and rider would have not got me to pick up this book to read. A destroyed US, would have, instantly.

    I recommend those eyes be bright red in contrast to maybe a Navy blue or black and white and under the crowl. And, there should be two men,(Horses are ok but immaterial) maybe with lightening coming from one man’s hands and they should be on a destroyed highway with a hint of a destroyed Interstate 40 sign somewhere.

    Ok, I just had a thought. The red eyes could be large and the reflection of the destroyed highway and men, could be reflections.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Cool pic, but it looks like there is a mane around the face that the eyes are in making them appear to belong to rather ornery, but fuzzy, animal. Just saying… :p


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