Over 60

With 1,762 words down tonight, I passed the 60,000 word mark on Masters this evening.  I beat my word count goal by 200 words, and remain on track to complete the work by the end of the month.  So I’m feeling pretty good.  And pretty tired.


I now just have a couple chapters at the end to write completely, one at the end to finish, and two or three in the middle that I have been putting off writing, and then I’m done.  I set the Scrivener word goal for Masters at 75,000.  I had been thinking I’ll come in below that, but I’m not so sure.  It always seem to take more words than I think it will to fully document what’s happening.  Maybe it’ll require more than 75,000 to get to a good ending point.  But if it does, it won’t be too many past 75,000.

I’m hoping to come in under, because I think if I don’t, I won’t meet my (self-imposed) deadline.  And that’s a no-no.

Ok, I’m off to bed.  That’s enough writing for one night, and I’m beat.